The applications described here are for PC only. For iPhone/iPod touch Apps click here or on the iPhone tab above. Please note that these PC apps are no longer actively supported. You are welcome to give them a try of course.

The PC applications require that you download and run a small installation program before you can use them. (See install below). The applications are a diverse collection of creative and entertaining experiences which utilise a complex physics simulation engine. Some require a webcam, others take their input from mouse and keyboard.

RSFsetup.exe (461KB) 

This program installs the main RunSwimFly application. It is required in order to run all of the mini-Apps that appear on this website. Along with all the mini-Apps it is entirely free. Please note that the installation includes only what is necessary to run the applets. No spyware or tracking software of any kind is installed. Revenue is generated purely by adverts appearing on the site.

Note that after installing you must visit the applications page and click on the application images to actually run the programs.

You must also have DirectX 9.0 or later installed. If you are unsure as to whether your machine has DirectX it may be best to install RunSwimFly first and see if the Apps work when you click on them rather than downloading DirectX immediately. DirectX clocks in at 34MB.

RunSwimFly will only run on Windows XP and Windows Vista.