The apps cover a wide variety of physical phenomena ranging from fluid motion to galactic dynamics to interactions between deformable soft bodied objects. You will be able to create and share your own objects, artworks and landscapes. Some of the art based apps even take input from webcams allowing you to slosh around virtual paint and mold virtual objects.

The basis for all the apps are the simulation and rendering engines which are installed when you download and run the install program. These engines are capable of simulating thousands of interacting particles and also the dynamics of fluid and deformable surfaces. They were coded using a combination of 'C' and vector unit friendly Assembly code.

Over time I'll add more apps to this page. Currently I'm working on an iPhone application. Next I plan to modify the PC particle simulation engine to operate on multiple cores. This should allow perhaps three times as many particles to run on quad core systems and perhaps 1.7 times as many on dual core systems.

I've got plans for all those particles but that's another story ....